Rochestown Park Hotel

Bunzl Rafferty Hospitality Products has been retained as a supplier to Rochestown Park Hotel since 1989. The decision to avail of the services of their company was not alone based on the strength of their brands or the prices we ultimately paid for their products.I looked at the broader issue of “value for money”.

This encompassed the wider range of variables I consider in the purchasing process, quality of the sales representation, the speed of the delivery, the degree of order completeness, the speed of problem resolution and the calibre of the delivery arrangements.

In addition we need suppliers who are responsive to trends in the market and who strive to develop new products as demands in the industry change, who come to us with innovative ideas and this distinguishes Bunzl Rafferty Hospitality Products from any of their competitors.

International Hotel

The International Hotel

The International Hotel has worked with Rafferty Hospitality Products for the past 15 years and find them unbeatable for choice, quality and price, accompanied by fantastic service both on the ground and in the office.

They are our preferred supplier for all our Hospitality requirements and we have no hesitation in recommending them to potential customers.

Kilkenny Ormonde Hotel

Bunzl Rafferty have been a long standing supplier of the Kilkenny Ormonde Hotel, the quality & competitiveness of their products leaves them as a standalone supplier in their market sector. Efficient & personal service always guaranteed.

Ko Ormonde Entrance