Bath Linen

Bath Sheet

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Our range includes a variety of towels to suit all styles and needs. The collection offers super soft, absorbent and durable towels. Your guests will not be disappointed with these fluffy towels made from 100% cotton

Header Bar : Mercerised plain header bar minimises shrinkage 

Finish : Twin stitched sides seams with strong durable hems

Bath Sheet

Range: Touch of Comfort

Colour: White

Weight: 450GSM

Size: 90 x 150cm


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Size options

GBTOWL1120 Face cloth 30 x 30cm White 360gsm

GBTOWL1121 Hand towel 50x 90cm White 450gsm

GBTOWL1122 Bath towel 70 x 130cm White 450gsm

GBTOWL1123 Bath sheet 90 x 150cm White 450gsm

GBTOWL1124 Bath mat 50 x 70cm white 600gsm with picture border