Menu Materials


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Manufactured from Buckram material with a woven finish means it is easy to keep clean and is durable.

The material is laminated over board can be foil blocked or blind embossed with your company logo.

With over 50 colours  , 42 standard colours and 9 Metallic colours to choose from the covers can be made with a different colour exterior to interior adding a uniqueness and  fall in line with possible corporate colour schemes.


Options to hold your menu pages in place with the Buckram Menu Cover:

1) External screw fix - Millennium style menu with external screw fixing, hard backed, slim appearance

2) Cord Fixing Style - Can either be used alone or by attaching clear PVC sleeves 

3.) Corner Style - Four corner fixings inside the front and back cover, offering two or four sides to view in total as standard

4.) Picture Frames - Features the addition of a frame to the inside front and back cover, offering a smart two or four sides to view as standard

5.) American Frames - Stitched in American frames with border, heavy weight and durable. One pocket shows two sides

6.) Parallel Bars & Acetate (Military End Style) - Offers two or four sides of menu to view. The paper is held in place behind removable opaque acetate sheets- optional, which are fixed by two parallel bars located at the top and bottom of each page

7.) Concealed Screw Fixing - Can either be used alone or by attaching clear PVC sleeves.
8) Three Piece Gate Fold - 3 style options for displaying your menu, corner retainers in each corner, parallel band top and bottom or picture frame