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Bonded Leather - Hydra/Cervo/Palma

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Created as sustainable materials, our bonded and hydra recycled leathers are 85% genuine leather which has been collected from tannery waste. Both available in traditional and rich colours, hydra is a smooth leather, whereas bonded leather comes in a few different textures.

Images show different types of Bonded Leather: Hydra (Images 2,3,4,5,8 & 9), Cervo (Images 6&7) and Palma(Image 1)

Hydra bonded leather menu  is a beautiful bonded leather with a satin finish and a light padding. The outer cover can be foil blocked or blind embossed which will darken the bonded leather as the deep impression is made. This product is characterised by smooth lines and simplicity and is best shown with no external fittings.

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