Olivia Thinks

Olivia Thinks 400ml Shampoo

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Olivia Thinks is a true modern classic line of superior quality, that combines contemporary design with sustainability, Formulated with natural ingredients (up to 97%), with VEGAN composition and eco friendly packaging! Sustainability meets Sophistication!

Product info

Olivia Thinks Shampoo combines Organic Olive oil extracts, that gently care hair with their valuable antioxidant and nutrient ingredients, with vegetable Keratin and Panthenol, famous for its moisturizing action, preventing hair damage and improving shine and elasticity.


Product Claims:

✔ 96% of fine natural ingredients and Vegan formula.

✔ 0% Parabens

✔ 0% SLES

✔ 0% Mineral oil

✔ 100% recycled & recyclable bottles