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Braun Digital Projection Alarm Clock

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The BC15 is a projection clock that has been designed with a focus on function and usability.  The projection clock has always been a classic Braun product that is the embodiment of useful, good design. 

The design of the BC15 allows for easy and natural projection onto a wall or similar surface and the projecting arm can easily be rotated to maximise the viewing angle.  When using with the included power adaptor, the user has the option to permanently switch on the time projection feature. 

An aesthetically pleasing design, the BC15 projection clock is perfectly suited for a bedside table or home office. Featuring an advanced LCD display that can be adjusted to 12-hour or 24-hour setting options with a backlight display.  The projection clock is also equipped with a crescendo beep alarm that gets louder if it is not turned off.  

Height: 90mm
Width: 130mm
Movement: Digital
Battery Type: AA

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