Field Day

The Sea Collection was designed in collaboration to create a unique capsule collection for the hotel, spa and hospitality industry. From conception to development, we worked together researching earth-friendly innovations in terms of formula and packaging. The result is a collection with a positive environmental impact. Our collection has been designed with the eco-conscious traveller in mind, with sustainability and awareness of our planet a necessity rather than an option.

“My basic luxury is…. A summer field of sweet clover. A cosy log fire on a winter’s day. Stone walls covered in wild bramble and fragrant rose. The sun on my face. Freshly laundered linen. The soothing sound of the sea. A warm bath after a long walk. The gentle glow of soft candle light. I believe it’s the simple everyday luxuries that brighten your day.”
Alix Mulholland, Owner & Creator, Field Day Ireland

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